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Should You Upgrade Before Selling?

Deciding whether to invest in upgrades prior to listing your home for sale is not as black and white as it might seem.

Each market is unique when considering upgrading your home for sale and downward sliding value markets tend to not reward seller’s for their investment.

In today’s Los Angeles real estate market, buyer’s scrutinize very strongly when buying.  Turn-key homes with high-end upgrades and finishes are likely to sell at a premium.  That said, positioning the value of your home competitively to generate offers from multiple buyers can generate top dollar while eliminating the headaches of upgrading your home.  

Timing can be critical to generating activity on the sale of your home.  For example, in today’s low-inventory market where many homes are selling in multiple offers for top dollar, it may not be a wise to begin a long list of time consuming upgrades taking months to complete as you may miss the highly active, top dollar market. 

Ultimately, deciding whether to upgrade or not is an extremely important strategic consideration when listing your home for sale.  

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